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Dance The new Dream

A dance to help shift and shape the energies of our world.  

 Harmonization through synchronization


And those who were seen dancing were thought to be insane by those who could not hear the music. - Friedrich Wilhelm Nietzsche

Dance the New Dream is an embodied invocation - a choreographed set of movements aligned to verse

 ~ like Tai Chi with intention - each movement communicating an embodied wish, a direction, a blessing.  

Every form of life on this planet -  humans and animals, flowers and trees,  birds and bees, rivers and seas - has its own biorhythm (or resonance.)  Earth emits a TREMENDOUS biorhythm, and together, the beings of this world ALL combine to create a collective biorhythm.  This collective resonance is the energy that lives and moves, in the space around us.  This field of energy informs and shapes our own biorhythms, and our biorhythms, in turn, inform and shape it.  Knowing this we can begin to consciously inform 'the field' with the energies we wish for our planet as a whole.  


Why Dance?


Dance is a way to express more fully, the energy moving inside of us.  It transmits our inner expression (energy) into the physical realm (body.) When we combine dance with intention we have the ability to alter our own biorhythms, often informed by the whirlwind that is our current world, and resonate the energies we choose.  This then informs and begins to and curate 'the field.' 


We live in a time period where global synchronization is possible.  Technology allows us to coordinate massive worldwide processes.  When large groups unify and synchronize with a shared intention, this collective vibrational transmission is like a super program that informs the field with a tsunami of manifestation power.  


We can change the current flow and course of our planetary processes if we begin to acknowledge and interact with the energetic world (the invisible world,) that is all around us.  


The beauty of this dance is that it shapes the energetic systems of the world, but it also shapes the dancer.  Over time our physical bodies become real time representations of the energy moving inside of us.  So many of us are informed by overwhelm, distraction and general lack of presence.  When we choose consciously to harmonize our world, we also harmonize our bodies and our own inner processes


Like yoga, once the movements are anchored into the awareness, the dance can be altered as the needs of the planet shift.  


This project is currently in Phase 1 - calling out for a team of friends and change makers who resonate with this vision and understanding. Below is an initial plan, thusfar.  It is playful in its approach because I feel lightness of spirit creates the most beautiful energies.

Phase 1:


Create the dance:


Craft and draft the 1st set of wishes (invocation) for our world 


Choreograph movements that embody this verse


Team with a sound shaman to create the music that inspires the heart of these movements  


Create video tutorials so people can learn easily from their living spaces.


Spread the word:


Create digital and video content + logo and brand to support this movement and capture a supportive audience. 


Decide which areas of the world will be most energetically and geographically strategic for the dance to initially take place (beginning in the US.)


Pair with yoga studios, wellness, spiritual & youth centers in these locations and begin to coordinate the effort.


Phase 2 Options:


Crowd source a #dancethenewdream US tour.


Hire super tuned in PR company to promote the purpose and mission.


Purchase an Airstream or Tour bus or enchant an amazing philanthropist into donating one. 


Design our route so that we travel to dance for current spiritual leaders residing in or visiting America.  Seek to gain support and guidance especially from our native brothers and sisters, in regards to the spiritual element of this dance. 


Dance in city and national parks along the route to gain support and carve out energetic pathways across the nation.


I imagine this next part could be really interesting:


After dancing across the continent, embodying our deepest desire for the healing and restoration of our world we enter into Phase 3.


Phase 3


Infiltrate Pop Culture


Audition for J Lo's "World of Dance" show and bring this dance prayer to the main stream. 


Assuming we get accepted ~ my sources say we will ;-) this wish/expression will witnessed by millions of  people. This is so powerful because all the minds and hearts watching.  Millions of viewers receiving this embodied transmission.  When witnessed, this energy projects back into 'the field,' charging it with more of the same!!!


WE can then welcome the audience to take part in our dance mission by linking them to the tutorial. People LOVE to dance and LOVE dance trends.  It's such a beautiful way to take part.  


Phase 4


Team with DJ talents across the world to sync up for a global dance party to celebrate this whole earth dedication. By phase 4 we will be ready for a RIGHTEOUS party.


Please take special note, a mission of this magnitude takes time, dedication and a supportive, expansive budget. Many of us are not afforded the financial privilege to donate our time to causes like this. Welcoming your generous and abounding support! 


A few Donation Perks:


If you make a donation of $200 or more, I will dance a prayer for your personal wish and send you a link to the video.


A donation of $400 or more will afford you one private tantric or energy session.  (Must be willing to travel to Philadelphia.)


Do you have donation suggestions? Please message me if so!


Sending you MUCH LOVE all who read this and to the WHOLE of our BEAUTIFUL EARTH!


Aho! Namaste! Goddess bless!

#dancethenewdream #danceprayer #danceforpeace #worldwideprayer #movingmeditation #itsuptous

Dancing faces you towards Heaven, whichever direction you turn. - Terri Guillemets

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