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What is repressed must be expressed

"A powerful experience in releasing"


~Maureen Heil, Ayurvedic Yoga Teacher

Pain, grief, unease, anxiety, conflict, numbness, and disease - these are the dark whisperings of Kali Ma.  
But fear not, the dark brings gifts of transformation - a new awareness waiting to be embodied, a unique message you were called here to express.

The purpose of Kali Dance is to facilitate a communal space in which we connect with and move dense energies trapped in the body.  In Kali Dance, movement, sounds and aspects of ritual arise organically as we tune into the collective field, acknowledging that which feels dark, and allowing it the space it needs to breathe and transform.
 If you are feeling pain or conflict, know that you are not alone.  The waking world shares an ache that resides in the depths of our hearts and guts. It is the longing for connection and the desire for
"something more."
This is the calling of Goddess ~ a call to come home.

The dark is your power unreconciled

Story of Kali

The Story of Goddess Kali

By embracing her dark, Durga transformed and saved all of life.  

Kali is the Hindu goddess of darkness.  She is fearsome and terrifying, bloody and brutal.  She is the goddess of death and destruction, and of rebirth and creation. She is the Dark Mother.  

Kali is considered to be the most fully realized of all the Dark Goddesses, a great and powerful black Earth Mother who destroys in order to recreate.  What she destroys is necessary - illusion, ignorance and decay all fall away under her rein. 

In the story of her birth, Kali sprang forth from the Goddess Durga as she was losing a battle to a demon general who threatened to destroy the world.  In Durga’s darkest hour, she embodied her fury, transforming her light into the dark Goddess Kali.  Kali swallowed every last drop of the demon's toxic blood and saved all of life.  


From Kali we learn to embrace that which feels dark, and learn how to rest and make peace with the inevitable conflict and pain that is a part of our human process.

Kali’s gift is radical transformation.

Where there is pain,

Where there is fear,

Where there is sorrow, 

She dances in courage.

She dances in release.

She dances to bring joy.

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